About us

TIARA PRIM  company was founded in December 2009 as a   frameless upholstered furniture and mattresses manufacturer, being a subsidiary of BILARGO PRIM, the only Moldovan foam rubber articles producer. During the first three years, we consistently worked on improving quality of our consumer goods and furniture, increased staff qualifications and worked out a plan  to promote our products to the markets of both Moldovan and neighbor countries. Participation in these years at various exhibitions proved the relevance of our furniture and correctness of the direction we look at.

Dacia boulevard, 27 - between the "Ambianța" store and the "Mobiasbanca" bank.



We are the only licensed manufacturer in Moldova of frameless upholstered furniture and a huge range of mattresses. Our firm has achieved great results in this area. We are working

on new models of furniture and mattresses and try to take into account the wishes of each client. Thanks to our technology, we can cut any shape and size of the model. The lineup is

very wide and no one will leave us indifferent! We are the only manufacturers in Moldova of frameless furniture and mattresses based on polyurethane foam that meet all quality and

environmental standards both here in Moldova and within the European Union! We are the only manufacturers that have high-tech equipment for stretching fabrics, for pressing furniture

and mattresses, which allows us to reduce the volume of the product by 4 times and, as a result, facilitates the facilitated procedure for long-distance transportation - even to New Zealand!

1.  Street Dacia, 27. - "TIARA  mobila&saltele" - showroom.  Phone number: +373220270254; +37368256555, +37369998769, e-mail: tiaradacia27@gmail.com

2. Street Uzinelor, 204/1. - "TIARA " - plant for the  production of furniture and mattresses. Phone number: +37369637737 e-mail: tiaraprim@gmail.com

3. Street Uzinelor, 21A.-"BILARGO" - plant for the production of polyurethane foam . Phone number: +37322476068

4. tiaramattress.md  the website is about our mattresses 

For more information, visit our YouTube page  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZK0-O2aQQ8


                                       ATTENTION !!!
          Furniture and mattresses "Tiara" can only be purchased through:
1. Shop-showroom: Dacia boulevard, 27 - between "Mobiasbanca" & "Ambianța";
2. Factory: Zavodskaya str. 204/1 - towards Bubuech;
3. Site: tiara.md & tiaramattress.md;
4. Online stores;
5. Network of supermarkets "METRO"
6. Portal: EMAG www.emag.ro
7. Company: Prime Furniture Romania